Turmeric Black Pepper Ghee

Ayurveda emphasizes on the principle of ‘Make thy food thy medicine’ and Ghee is an ideal example of this. In Ayurveda, Ghee especially when made traditionally from local, grass fed, cultured cream is the purest essence of earth element. Ghee is highly anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting and full of OJAS (life sustaining vitality). In other words Ghee is Ayurveda’s greatest gift to humanity. Ghee is actually one of the few oils that can be given to babies as it helps support growth, build tissues and meet their advanced nutritional needs. Made fresh the traditional way  this Ghee is of superior quality & taste and is tampered with Organic Homegrown Curcumin rich Turmeric powder and Organic Black Pepper. Ideal for making all types of curries, omelets, scrambled eggs, sautéing veggies, toasting, marinating meat or even on top of your favorite soup. 


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1 Kg, 325 gms

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