Spiced Hive Honey

How about giving some extra love and care to your
Immune system with our ‘Ayurvedic Super Spiced
Honey’. Bolster your resilience and soothe your
organs with our beautiful Raw, Locally sourced Cold
Pressed Honey that’s infused with healing and anti-
inflammatory properties of Potent Ayurvedic herbs
and spices like Homegrown curcumin rich turmeric,
Organic True Ceylon Cinnamon, Black Pepper,
Cardamom, Ginger, Fennel & Clove. This honey when
consumed regularly will help stabilize blood
pressure, promote digestive health, relieve aches &
pains, boost immunity, calm nervous system and
induce excellent anti- inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-
viral benefits to your body. We can’t wait for you to
try and feel the difference.


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1 Kg, 375 gms, 850 gms

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