A delicious bar to balance all your doshas, this bar is curated to perfection using one of the costliest spices in the world ‘Saffron’ alongside some other superfoods like Turmeric & Cardamom. Ayurveda teaches that saffron has both invigorating and nourishing qualities and bestows its strongest medicinal actions on the blood, the heart and reproductive system. Saffron is also a very ‘Sattvic’ spice hence promotes feelings of compassion and love and at the same time counters depression and deficiency. Golden raisins and Pistachios pair very well with this sublime bar and add a bit of texture and crunch to an otherwise smooth and silky chocolate bar.

Ingredients- Organic 70% White chocolate, Organic Turmeric powder, Saffron (from Himalayan Foothills), Organic Cardamom, Organic Pistachios (unsalted and toasted) & Organic Golden Raisins.


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