The ULTIMATE SHAMPOO Bar (Hibiscus+Chamomile+Onion)

Who doesn’t love a flawless skin, while what we eat is important for a great looking skin, what we put on our skin is equally important. Since times immemorial Asian Cultures have embraced the natural way of keeping their skin beautiful and flawless. Not long ago big skin care companies explored the best kept secrets and incorporated the super ingredients in their skin care range but not in the most super manner. Loaded with harmful chemicals the products have clearly failed to deliver what they promised.

We are here to fill that void. We will help you incorporate our Ancient skin superfoods into your skincare regime in the most natural way. Handmade soaps with absolutely nothing but nature’s best, packed beautifully to evoke in you a sense of self-care and self-worth.

Question is Why buy from us in a world full of choices ?

*Powered by Ancient Ayurvedic superfoods (we can’t go wrong with time tested wisdom of Ayurveda for just about anything)

*Locally handmade using Local ingredients (LOVE being one of the main Ingredients)

*No Sulphates (as our soaps bubble naturally due to the saponification of plant oils)

*No artificial fragrances/synthetic oils (Spices, herbs, botanicals, plant oils and essential oils take care of how exotic our handmade soaps smell)



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