A cooking class session which is beyond just cooking. It will transform the way you look at everyday foods. The class is especially designed to equip you with the Ayurvedic knowledge of food. How to ‘Make Thy Food Thy Medicine’. What foods to include in your diet as per your body type and how to cook them correctly to be able to not just digest but assimilate the food you eat properly, after all you are not just what you eat but also what you digest and assimilate.

You will of course learn how to cook the most flavorsome popular Indian dishes in the most relatable manner. You will learn how to identify, use, store and consume the different kind of spices, especially because in modern times the potent spices are being adversely used in the wrong manner. Spices form an integral part of Indian Cuisine and can provide you with wonderful health benefits when used properly. You will also gain knowledge on the most indispensable part of Indian cooking , the OG Ghee , the liquid Gold , the ultimate health Elixir and the list goes on.

At the end of the class you will get to take home our very special yoghurt starter Culture because we promise after attending our class you will never buy supermarket pot set yoghurt (for all the good reasons )! Physical copy of Recipe notes will be given too.

You are required to come with an open mind, empty bellies and a joyous heart to be able to experience ‘Foodgasm’ . We will be treating you to an extensive range of homemade treats to keep you entertained all through the class accompanied by endless cups of our beautiful Masala Chai.

Date : 5th May , Sunday

Time : 12 -4 pm

Venue : 24 , northrope road, lakes entrance !


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Cooking Class + Spice Box, Cooking Class Only

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